CosmosVR – Virtual Reality Biofeedback Game

Cosmos VR is a shared experience where multiple users can complete quests together in a virtual reality world. They can observe a biofeedback of their heart-rate activity as well as that of others, represented in various ways. All quests are based on biofeedback, users have to try to regulate their heart-rate activity to accomplish them.

How work Cosmos VR?

This project was made with Unity for Oculus Quests, and it requires a smart watch to get user’s heart-rate. In the video presentation, the aim of the quest is to make an eclipse with the planets. Each player controls a planet with his heart-rate, and the higher the heart rate, the higher the planet. Moreover, the further apart the players’ heart rates are, the further away the planets are from the sun. So, to accomplish this quest, each players’ heart rate have to be around 70 BPM (beats per minute). To make this possible, the player have to learn how to regulate his heart rate, for example with its breathing. This is why, in this virtual reality world there are ‘breathing crystals’ with changing luminosity, and the players can follow the crystals with their breathing to regulate their heart rate.

One of the objectives of Cosmos VR is to teach users that we can quite simply regulate our heart rate, and how to regulate it, for example with our breathing.

Another objective is to use virtual reality to represent physiological data, with an ambient biofeedback for the user.

Why does this project appeared ?

This project is an extension of Cosmos, we wanted to use virtual reality so that the user is fully immersed, completely concentrated to take the control of his heart rate. In addition to this, the player have a goal, quests to accomplish, so he really want to regulate itself which makes it easier.