The projects we have been working on over the years maintain the human at their core. Many have been used to investigate research questions around the use of technology and well-being, most have been demonstrated in France and internationally in scientific fairs or art festivals. The oldest became full-fledged products that are now deployed in medical or school settings. We are continuously on the lookout for new ideas and collaborations, poke us if one (or several!) of the projects below catch you attention.

Ullo – Livre d’Or (Golden book) - People can sign their presence with a heart sensor and place it wherever they like in the surrounding world
ARVatar – Cosmos AR - Augmented reality mobile application with portals and flowers for heart synchronization and relaxation.
Flow – Control your heart - Flow is an Apple Watch relaxation application, where your heart rate controls the pace of the breathing exercise.
CosmosVR – Virtual Reality Biofeedback Game - Cosmos VR is a multi-users virtual reality application where users have to cooperate to accomplish quests bases on biofeedback.
Echo In Space – Multi Player Biofeedback Game - Echo in Space is a multiplayer breathing game where users have to cooperate to catch as many hearts as possible and to avoid meteorites.
MusicEEG – Multiple User Brain Music Player - MusicEEG is an online application where the users can shapel music with their brain activity.
Harmonia – Connect your hearts - Harmonia is an Apple Watch application that let you connect your heart with your friends and communities. Add new friends, create new communities and synchronize your heart rate with them.
Dinner of Lights : a projection system - The Dinner of Lights is a projection system that uses animated scenes surrounding the plate to improve the multisensory dining experience of the patients and to initiate the adaptation to a healthy diet at their own pace. Offering a variety of sound and light stimuli anchors one in a sensory bubble that provides soothing, pleasure and nourishment.
Coral is a set of electronic devices that enables you to build a complete physiological setting. Coral - Coral is a set of electronic devices that enables you to build a complete physiological setting. You connect atomic bricks (inputs, DSP, recording, output, …) that together compose your own biofeedback device, letting you hear your brain activity or map your muscular tension into a game controller.
Breeze judith amores Breeze - Breeze, a wearable pendant placed around the neck that measures breathing and sends biofeedback in real-time.
Cosmos is all about sharing physiological and cognitive states. Cosmos - Cosmos is all about sharing physiological and cognitive states. Projected on a wall, a screen or as a VR/AR simulation, Cosmos let you explore different kind of connectivity amongst people. Cosmos is the world-first device designed to achieve social introspection and positive interactions between people.
Echo is a tangible avatar that will mirror physiological and cognitive states provided by several sensors. Echo - Echo is a tangible avatar that will mirror physiological and cognitive states provided by several sensors. Echo (or Tobe, for tangible out-of-body experience) can also act as a guide, helping you to achieve cardiac coherence or to increase alpha waves. Completely customizable, Echo will be a caring and motivating proxy for introspection.
ambient object is an object that disseminates information, in an indirect, unsolicited manner to the person Flower - Flower is a mobile personal biofeedback device that will provide breathing exercises than can be linked to your heart rate in order enhance cardio-respiratory coupling. Using ambient sensory modulation, it comes with a phone app that will let you record and track emotive and cognitive progress.
Prism, interactive fiction fueled by physiological signals Prism - Physiologically-driven interactive fiction: a story which unfolds depending on readers' state.
With Pulse we wanted provide a moment where users can reflect not only on their heart rate, but also on the heart rates of those around Pulse - Pulse is in itself a sensor using 3-way ECG and let you feel cardiac activity with multi-sensory stimulations. Designed to foster introspection during meditation or yoga, Pulse let you dive into yourself and share how your heart rate is reacting to emotional and cognitive states.
holding in your hand an enclosure shaped as a heart, that is pulsating through lights and vibrations at the same pace of your own heart Vibes - Vibe is a tangible heart linked to your own cardiac activity by communicating with a sensor embedded in a smartband. Vibe will provide you with both visual and haptic feedbacks. You will literally hold your heart in your hand and feel how daily life situation are affecting your physiological activity.
Multisensory device Garden - Garden is an interactive zen garden using spatial augmented reality to project a multi-sensory landscape into a sandbox. Moreover, you can map physiological data such as heart rate, breathing or brain activity into sensory events in order to use biofeedback as a way to achieve physiological regulation.