Echo In Space – Multi Player Biofeedback Game

Echo in Space is a shared experience where two players can control Echo traveling the space by their breathing. The objective is to catch as many hearts as possible, and to avoid meteorites ! The first player controls the position of Echo (an inspiration and Echo goes up, an exhale and Echo goes down). Moreover, if there is a second player, he can controls the speed of Echo (the faster his breathing, the faster the Echo).

This game has been developed by a team of 5 (3 developers and 2 designers), in 3 days during a Game Jam. The programming language used is JavaScript, and we used PixiJS, an open-source library. The breathing of each player is recovered by a sensor (a breathing belt) who sends data using Bluetooth.

Finally, the aim of this game is to become aware of your breathing, that you can completely control it and that it affects many things, such as your heart rate, your focus and so on. Moreover, the players can have a real-time biofeedback of their breathing, and they can try to modulate it in a playful way in conjunction with a peer.