Flow – Control your heart

Flow is an Apple Watch application for relaxation, where you can do breathing exercises to control your heart. The app provides two breathing exercises, one where your heart controls the breathing cycles, the other where you pick a fixed breathing cycle duration. You have a complete feedback of your use of the app, with dashboards for each day, week, month or year. You can see charts with your average amplitude, your average number of breathing cycles or again the time you spent on the app.
You can also find in the app an AMA section, with responses to all questions you can have about how does this work.

The application is available on the Apple Watch app Store.

CosmosVR – Virtual Reality Biofeedback Game

Cosmos VR is a shared experience where multiple users can complete quests together in a virtual reality world. They can observe a biofeedback of their heart-rate activity as well as that of others, represented in various ways. All quests are based on biofeedback, users have to try to regulate their heart-rate activity to accomplish them.

How work Cosmos VR?

This project was made with Unity for Oculus Quests, and it requires a smart watch to get user’s heart-rate. In the video presentation, the aim of the quest is to make an eclipse with the planets. Each player controls a planet with his heart-rate, and the higher the heart rate, the higher the planet. Moreover, the further apart the players’ heart rates are, the further away the planets are from the sun. So, to accomplish this quest, each players’ heart rate have to be around 70 BPM (beats per minute). To make this possible, the player have to learn how to regulate his heart rate, for example with its breathing. This is why, in this virtual reality world there are ‘breathing crystals’ with changing luminosity, and the players can follow the crystals with their breathing to regulate their heart rate.

One of the objectives of Cosmos VR is to teach users that we can quite simply regulate our heart rate, and how to regulate it, for example with our breathing.

Another objective is to use virtual reality to represent physiological data, with an ambient biofeedback for the user.

Why does this project appeared ?

This project is an extension of Cosmos, we wanted to use virtual reality so that the user is fully immersed, completely concentrated to take the control of his heart rate. In addition to this, the player have a goal, quests to accomplish, so he really want to regulate itself which makes it easier.

Echo In Space – Multi Player Biofeedback Game

Echo in Space is a shared experience where two players can control Echo traveling the space by their breathing. The objective is to catch as many hearts as possible, and to avoid meteorites ! The first player controls the position of Echo (an inspiration and Echo goes up, an exhale and Echo goes down). Moreover, if there is a second player, he can controls the speed of Echo (the faster his breathing, the faster the Echo).

This game has been developed by a team of 5 (3 developers and 2 designers), in 3 days during a Game Jam. The programming language used is JavaScript, and we used PixiJS, an open-source library. The breathing of each player is recovered by a sensor (a breathing belt) who sends data using Bluetooth.

Finally, the aim of this game is to become aware of your breathing, that you can completely control it and that it affects many things, such as your heart rate, your focus and so on. Moreover, the players can have a real-time biofeedback of their breathing, and they can try to modulate it in a playful way in conjunction with a peer.

MusicEEG – Multiple User Brain Music Player


Have you ever dreamed about controlling music with your brain? MusicEEG is an online application that allows you to listen to music and add filters that can be controlled by the electrical activity of your brain. You can even experience the app with someone else, choosing which brain and which EEG frequency band controls which sound filter. A combined chart of the real-time measurements is displayed in the middle for control.

This application was created for the sound week of UNESCO 2021, and it was presented on the 7th, June 2021.

You can test this project here (only with browsers supporting Web BLE, such as Google Chrome and derivatives), you need to have at least one Muse headset.

Since this demo we developed our own library to generate sounds and soundscape, soon to be released.

Harmonia – Connect your hearts

Harmonia is an iOS application with an Apple Watch companion. The aim is to connect your self with your friends or colleagues and achieve heart synchronization. Like a social media, you can add new friends, create communities and edit your profile. You can also see dashboards about your app usage, your friends, or the time spent on the app. The app work with a system of session (with a friend or with a whole community), and during a session you can follow a breathing guide in your Apple Watch.

The app provides features like notifications, or dark mode to personnalise your user experience.

It is currently in closed beta, don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to try it out 🙂